Following an interesting study we are thrilled to have an article about the surgical safety study published in The Ergonomist.

Like any process, accountable items are reliant upon the individual practitioners. Our NHS is continually seeking to verify, evolve and make improvements to ensure the best patient care and safety possible. Retained instruments is what is referred to as a ‘never event’ within the NHS meaning that this is considered a serious incident that is preventable and strong guidelines and procedures are in place which should be adhered to. Therefore, Inspired Usability was asked to undertake a study and make appropriate recommendations for surgical item accountable items procedures within a local NHS Trust to ensure that its procedures were as robust and safe as possible.

Our visits to the Trust’s operating theatres enabled an appreciation of the work undertaken and the professionalism of the surgical teams.

It is a privilege to observe the surgical teams in action and reassuring to observe a safe and robust accountable items process which the teams are welcoming of continual evolution and improvement where identified.




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